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Contact Information
NIP KAV. P-1 Ngoro
Mojokerto 61385
Jawa Timur-Indonesia
Phone: (+62)3216819911
Fax: (+62)3216819918
Email: info@kinghalim.com
Company Profile

From its commencement in 1982, PT. King Halim has grown over the years to become one of the leading gold jewelry manufacturer in Indonesia.

Spurred by customers´ increasing sophistication and demand, PT. King Halim has relocated to a 100,000 sq ft state-of-the-art facility in the industrial zone of Ngoro Industri Persada (NIP) in Mojokerto with the strength of 800 employees. All stages of manufacturing processes are carried out in-house including pre melt, manufacturing, hand assembly, finishing and wastewater treatment.

PT. King Halim is the only company in Indonesia that adopts strong Italian influence that is evident in its technology, production methodology, jewelry design and even our factory design and layout, as a result earning us world class recognition for our excellent, flawless quality jewelry and basic gold chain.

Fueled by our noble philosophy "Our customer deserves the very best", we put forth a continuous and rigorous efforts in perfecting our quality, design and service. 

Product and Distribution

King Halim produces basic gold chains in 10K, 14K, and 18K. Our company also manufactures a line of fancy jewelry in various karats as well as high-end jewelry collection.

King Halim currently exports to Dubai, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, USA and Canada.  

Core Competencies

One of the most important core strength of PT. King Halim lies in our in-house talented and dedicated design team that continuously develop innovative designs on daily basis, delighting our consumers with wide range of design options.

Since 2005, PT. King Halim has clinched a world recognized ISO 9001:2000 award, which is a proof of our commitment to promoting international class culture of excellence throughout the entire organization.

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